7 Mil Diamond Textured Orange Chemical Resistant Disposable Black Nitrile Gloves Water Proof Mechanic

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Function: Anti-slip, water proof, Touch Screen, Breathable, Anti-oil and anti-static

Place of Origin: Shandong, China

Brand Name: GBL

Type: nitrile gloves


Color: Black Orange

Weight: 6-10g/pc

MOQ: 100 Pieces

Delivery: Within 1-7 days after receive your formal order


Sample: Free sample by freight collected

Certification: EN374,EN13485,TUV,EEC,PPE,CE93,CE42

Supply Ability: 1000000 Pair/Pairs per Month

Packaging Details: 100pc/box

Port: Shanghai,Qingdao,Tianjin


Industrial,Mechanic,Auto Repair

Household,Cleaning,Laboratory,Exam,Medical,Barbecue,Food Service,Beauty Salons,Hair Salon,Tattoo


1.Increased abrasion resistance: Diamond-patterned nitrile gloves generally have high abrasion resistance and are better able to resist wear caused by prolonged use and friction. This allows the glove to last longer and provide longer lasting protection for the experimenter.

2.Better liquid protection: The textured design of diamond-grained nitrile gloves increases the surface area of the glove in contact with liquids, improving liquid protection. For experimental operations that require handling liquid samples or chemicals, diamond-patterned nitrile gloves are more effective in protecting hands from spills and splashes.

Product Use:

1.When wearing gloves, do not wear rings or other jewelry on your hands to avoid wearing gloves;

2.The correct way to put on and take off gloves can reduce the risk of cross-contamination and contamination inside and outside the gloves. When wearing diamond-patterned nitrile gloves, the built-in pull-out system or push-pull glove mouth can be used to avoid direct contact with the outer surface of the glove to reduce contamination.


1. While diamond-patterned nitrile gloves provide some level of protection against liquids, they are not suitable for all chemicals. Before handling specific chemicals or hazardous substances, confirm the chemical resistance of the gloves and select the appropriate glove material and thickness to provide better protection.

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